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Links & Information

Links & Information

Federal Government & Services

U.S. Government
The White House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Court System
U.S. Postal Service

Senators for the State of Michigan:
Senator Gary Peters
Senator Debbie Stabenow

Representative for Michigan’s 1st District
(Village of Central Lake residents)
Congressman Jack Bergman

State Government & Services
State of Michigan
Secretary of State
Office of the Governor
Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Legislature
State Senate
State House
State Campgrounds and Trails
Michigan Public Service Commission
Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

State Senator for the 37th Senate District
(Village of Central Lake residents)
Senator Wayne Schmidt

State Representative for District 105
(Village of Central Lake residents)
Representative Triston Cole

County Government & Services
Antrim County
Antrim Conservation District
Antrim County Road Commission Snowfall
Grass River Natural Area
Health Department of Northwest Michigan

Village of Central Lake
Chamber of Commerce
Central Lake Public Schools
Central Lake District Library
Central Lake Area Historical Society

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