Rising Tide

Project Rising Tide is an initiative envisioned by the Governor and implemented by Talent and Economic Development (TED) with the mission of supplying at-risk* communities with the tools they need to design and build a successful economic framework. By assisting each community in the creation of solid planning, zoning and development foundation, we will support vibrant, thriving communities to attract business investment and talent. Based on the community’s vision of what they desire their economy to be based around – the TED team will help them realize their vision by engaging local leadership in dialogues to identify their economic vision and will work in tandem with them to build an economic platform. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Talent Investment Agency, and Michigan State Housing and Development Authority will commit their assets to engaging specific communities across the state in order to empower them to shape their future and maximize economic potential. This initiative will employ the MEDC’s Redevelopment Ready CommunitiesⓇ program as the chassis that will be used to support the Rising Tide platform in each of the ten Prosperity Regions. Depending on each community’s unique issues, additional supportive services may be provided.

Village of Central Lake – Action Plan

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