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Village of Central Lake Financials

We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to managing the finances of our community. On this page, we provide you with access to crucial financial information about the Village of Central Lake in Northern Michigan.

Here, you can find the most recent budget, past budgets, and projected budgets, as well as comprehensive audit reports to ensure accountability and fiscal responsibility.


Our current budget reflects the careful planning and allocation of resources to meet the needs and aspirations of Central Lake residents. We invite you to review it and gain insight into how your tax dollars are being utilized to improve our community.

Additionally, understanding our financial history is essential for making informed decisions about our future. Access past budgets to track our progress and see how financial priorities have evolved over time


To ensure that our financial practices adhere to the highest standards, independent auditors regularly review our books. Download audit reports to gain confidence in the integrity of our financial processes.

Your trust and confidence in the Village of Central Lake’s financial management are essential to our mission of creating a prosperous, vibrant, and well-resourced community. We are committed to transparency and accountability in all our financial endeavors, and we encourage you to explore the resources provided here.

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